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My first Cigar ever.



Revisiting what sent me on this journey. My first cigar ever, Don Tomas International selection. I picked it up on the way home after a lovely trip to Niagara falls with my lady. We pulled into the duty free shop before crossing back into Michigan. I went over to the cigars to buy the forbidden fruit Cubans, until I saw the price. I picked up a box of 10 sticks for around 85$ American. I was not a cigar smoker and knew nothing about cigars.
When I first tried one, all I tasted was smoke and tobacco.. for some odd reason, I walked into a cigar shop a few days later to see if other cigars were the same flavor or different. WOW! I had entered a foreign nation!
Now I have a palate. I can taste unique flavors. I am open to trying new sticks. From mild Connecticut, to powerhouse full bodied sticks.
I owe a developing palate to @privadacigarclub . Their boxes of Cigars, along with Brian’s pairing notes have severally helped this fellow in honing in the flavors.


Today, after roughly 6-7months of being in a humidor (yeah when I do something, I do it right. Bought a humidor right away) I finally am giving this another go.


Tasting: creamy natural sweetness, earth, cedar. 


Not a bad pick for not knowing anything about cigars.


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