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Morning smoke

It’s 07:00 on a saturday morning and i’m sitting on my little balcony, my place of peace and quiet, my mancave, my place were I can smoke my cigars.

I have brewed a coffee and it is time to light up my first cigar of the day. While my first sip of coffee slides in and I take a draw of my cigar, I slowly wake up. The busy work week goes through my mind for a moment, but it quickly fades away. My head is empty for a couple of minutes while i’m drink my coffee and take a couple of puffs from my cigar.

The cigar is a 9 year old Montecristo Open Junior that I bought at a cigarstore I regularly visit. I look at it and i’m thinking to my self … life can be pretty good. Meanwhile I’m listening to the birds that sing and cars that pass by on the nearby highway.

I’m 15 minutes in, and i’m in my phone, looking on Instagram and at the Facebookpage of Privada. I sense a feeling of jealousy while I look at the pictures of the beautiful cigars that everyone is smoking. I can’t even buy a lot of those cigars here in the Netherlands or I just think they are too expensive, but I still would like to smoke them one day. But the feeling of jealousy quickly gives way because in my humidor I have a nice selection of cigars from among others the PCC. My mind is now an what and when to smoke later this day. Maybe ill take my bike for a drive and see where it leeds me, maybe ill go and see my brother and share a cigar with him …

While i’m nearing the end of my cigar I don’t have the answer jet. But I do know that I will enjoy that moment and I have something to look forward to.

Enjoy your cigars, enjoy your moments with your cigars, enjoy.

Greetings form the Netherlands,


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