Montecristo Espada Estoque Vintage 2002 – Spirited Smoke

Montecristo Espada Estoque Vintage 2002

  Here’s a rare one for you, the 2017 release of Montecristo’s Limited Edition Espada, the Espada Estoque Vintage 2002 torpedo.

  Sweet cedar, salty leather and a moderate nuttiness hit on the light.  There is a fair amount of black and red pepper on the retrohale, along with some of that nuttiness.  Pretty bold start.  Just past the half inch mark and the spice becomes noticeable on the draw and finish.  It is fairly light at this point, as the body has settled to a solid medium.  

  The 2nd third gains toasted bread and steps back up to a medium full.  The red and black pepper balance well with the dominant cedar and nuttiness on the draw.  The leather moves to the finish.  The retrohale has mellowed considerably by adding a cream to the nuts and spice.  

  The final third starts with a subtle burnt caramel adding to the previous flavors, adding a bit more depth.  The red pepper disappears, leaving just the black.  The black pepper picks up nearing the nub.

  This version of the Espada is pretty phenomenal.  The majority of the smoke is medium full bodied, with medium strength.  The last inch and a half take the strength to just above medium, so it isn’t overwhelming.  I will absolutely be grabbing a few more of these.  Highly recommend giving them a try if you can find them.

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