Micallef Grande Bold “Ligero” Review and Story

This newer series of cigars from one of my favorite companies, dubbed “Grande Bold” was announced just before this year’s IPCPR Trade Show (2018). 5 new blends to be exact. The Brazilian Mata Fina, theNicaraguan, the Sumatra, a Maduro and the cigar I smoked 1st from the new blends and the topic of this particular review, the Ligero. Boasting a  Ecuadorian Sumatra Ligero wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder and a nice combination of Dominican, Brazilian and Nicaraguan fillers, I made sure I was wearing my big boy palate before I dove in. Wooosaahhhhh
I was working at Davidus Cigars at the time and the funny thing is, I had been trying to get the Micallef line in our store for almost a year via numerous emails to our management and some urging to my store supervisor. I had been smoking the Herencia, the .Connecticut and my favorite at the time, The Experienca. It never happened until one day the Manager called me from the IPCPR and asked, “What was the name of the Micallef cigars you were mentioning to us?” Hahaa, Let’s get thru this 1st 3rd and I’ll finish the story on how we got to the Grande Bold stuff…
Out of the gate, the 1st thing I noticed on this cigar was the double band, which is a different band than the ones I’m accustomed to. Of course, also seeing “Ligero” printed across the 2nd band really hit me…so much I totally bypassed the smell and cold draw…Ooooops!!!
!st 3RD-Boom!!!! A rich deep blast of pepper that almost singed my mustache from the retrohale, however it was some of the best pepper flavor you’ll find in a cigar. The strength is as obvious as the band states “LIGERO”, but the profile is balanced with a creamy graham cracker and very light caramel….Genius level balance here folks.
…So anyway, back to the story. I gave my manager the names of a few cigars and even sent some pics. That was the last I spoke with him until he came to the shop a few days after returning home from the Vegas trade show festivities to drop off some samples from Micallef. To my surprise, none of them were cigars I recognized, which really got me amped because…New F’n Micallef cigars on deck!!! But there was a catch…oooooh. Whichever 2 cigars we (Staff) chose, we had to write a full review on them and submit them to management. Hence, this fuckery you are privy to in this blog, LOL! It was actually a great idea in my opinion…I mean, I was already writing notes and reviews of cigars I smoked in the shop in my notebook anyway. But OK, my bad…back to business.
2nd 3RD- Wow…This cigar has morphed into a cedar, coffee and graham sandwich with the pepper toning down, coming and going like one of my ex girlfriends right after High school LOL!!! The coffee notes that I’m getting are a dark bitter espresso and the strength at this point, is kinda like those same Ex girlfriends…It has the back of my head sweating. I can definitely feel the heat from the ligero doing it’s job.
Final 3RD-  OK, so the last 3rd of this cigar is straight wood and espresso. There’s a tiny hint of citrus in the background, just enough to barely notice it but the dry cedar is the prominent flavor carried by the bitter coffee. The pepper is still there but fleeting. Overall, this cigar is a`rich powerhouse! I really enjoyed the 1st 3RD the most with that well balanced pepper blast and sweetness with that “Cuban Twang” that I have yet to see not present in ANY Micallef that I’ve smoked to date.
I would definitely recommend this cigar to the full body smokers that enjoy a little complexity
SIDE NOTES- I can’t leave out these 2 major points from the story! Besides the samples from Micallef, I was also personally gifted, from Oliver of United Tobacco an Atabey the size of….Well, It’s the biggest size Atabey in production. (If you know me, you know Selected Tobacco and Nelson Alfonso rank high on my list of favs…even higher than Micallef, No offense) Huge!!! The coolest part was that he told my Manager and the owner to, “Make sure James gets this!” In my heart I just knew they were like how the F*ck does he even know who James is!? And to make this shit even sweeter, when we got our order of Micallef cigars in, My partner and I sold thru those boxes so damn fast, we barely kept up with the demand. As a retail tobacconist, and I’m sure my fellow BOTL and SOTL in sales can co-sign…There’s nothing like loving a smoke, sharing it with ya folks and seeing them fall in love with it too. And then buying them!!! Hahaaaa
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