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Long Live Privada

I have to give thanks to Brandon Boyd.  He is thinking outside the box. His Cigar of the week is a great idea.  As I grab Cigars out my humidor each day. My mind talks to my taste buds. That’s when the real magic happens.  All the tasty notes rushing through my mind at once. Light ,dark , chocolate or cream.  Wow! Lightning fast thoughts. Then as I open the door. It hits my hand without hesitation.  The Caldwell Long Live The King jumps into my fingers.  A few rubs and a long smell. I get tobacco and hay. A small hit of Horse shit. I love that smell. To me it was grown in the best dirt. I pour myself a nice glass of Four Rose’s Bourbon.  Two fings worth. The big block of clear ice. Careful not to water my drink down. I have a seat outside and choose my weapon.  Today stick!  You will get my always trusted scissors.  I cut the cap so thin I was proud of my small skill lol. I get a cedar stick and fire up. First note hits. Cream of mushroom and white pepper. Some cedar,  I’m guessing because I used a cedar strip to light it. As I get halfway through.  More cedar and Vanilla along with Almond come to play. All the notes come alive together.  That’s a great profile to create.  An the burn is razor sharp . Great smoke output off the foot. The wrapper is oily sheen. Reminds me of my own beautiful brown skin in the summer heat. The ash is white. Just as my nose told me. It was grown in great soil. Trust your nose. As I smoked this Long Live The King. The thoughts of Robert Caldwell making a Ciagr for Privada Ciagr Club to tryout first.  That’s invites and Long Live Privada relationship. One I well hope for in the future.  This was my Cigar of the week. 

Size N/A PCC exclusive. 

About the author: walter underwood
Work for Delta airlines. Father of 3. Love Mudruo and Lancero cigars. Fishing and Family are TOP priority. God above all.

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