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Let’s talk about Yellow Cello

So, is aging a cigar necessary?

Curing and ageing tobacco is in order to make the tobacco’s oils and flavors change.

But what about the cigars themselves?

I believe it’s an experiment. Much like when man could make alcohol he decided to store it in wooden barrels and noticed a change in the spirit.

What are some cigars that you have aged that turned out better? What are some that turned out worse?

This cello, was in my April privPri Cigar Club box. It was a gift from Brian. It is a Romacraft Wunderlust. Very good cigar. But I have no idea how long it has aged, or what one tastes like straight out of a box.

Writing this article from cloudy and rainy Michigan. Listening to Fredric Chopin, And studying for an exam next month.

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