Hand Rolled- How Premium Cigars are Made

I love smoking a well-made cigar as much as the next guy. But you don’t feel as attached to a cigar until you know how that cigar was made. I’ve seen people rolling cigars on the beaches of Eastern Florida and of course down in Miami. I never had the time to see someone roll the cigar completely, only ever parts of the process. Here’s a great video that shows you from start to finish how a cigar is made! I made a stronger connection with my cigars after watching this video. I even started to notice how well certain cigars are rolled compared to others and for me, a well-rolled cigar is nice and tight with an even draw throughout. Let me know if you learned something new in the comments below and what makes/breaks a cigar for you in reference to its construction!

About the author: Ryan Santiago
Florida born and raised.

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