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Hennessy Pure White Cognac??

Ok- let’s file this one under the “hmm….” files.

It’s a cognac…made by Hennessy… but it’s light in color and called Pure White. It’s sold mainly in the Caribbean and some parts of Europe, which means those of us in the USA need a passport or internet ninja skills to acquire. 

I keep seeing this pop up in my social media feed from savvy cognac folks so I looked into it to find out more. 

Hennessy claims this is “young” cognac, meaning it’s not aged in oak barrels (at least not as long as the others in their portfolio). This is why the color is not the rich amber we’re used to seeing in traditional cognacs. I’m wondering if this also means less hangovers? Being a Hennessy product, it is still made in France with white wine grapes from the Cognac region. 

According to reviews, it has light fruity and floral notes and a clean taste. I keep seeing the words “delicate” and “light” in reviews and descriptions, so I have to assume it also has less depth compared to its sisters in the Hennessy line.   

I also am really into the shape of the bottle. It has a much younger feel to it, which I’m assuming is who they are targeting with the product as a whole. 

Has anyone tried it yet? What are your thoughts? 

(If anyone wants to send me a bottle I will gladly accept. lol)

About the author: Ofelia Desind
I love the finer things in life and cigars and fine spirits are no exception. While I love savoring the flavors of a nice cognac or bourbon, a well thought out cocktail with nuanced flavors brings me equal joy. I also love spending a poolside evening enjoying a nice cigar with my husband.

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