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Four Roses Small Batch Select *NEW* Bourbon Alert

For the first time in over 12 years, and for the first time under master distiller Brent Elliot (what a fucking job to have), the Four Roses Distillery will be releasing Small Batch Select. It will be a 104 proof blend of 5-10 of their recipes. The idea behind Select is to make the Four Roses premium line a bit more approachable in price point. This is set to be your every day or anytime bourbon. At $45 a bottle and aged between 6-7 years, Small Batch Select may not become your every day drink, but it can certainly work its way into routine rotation (don’t mind if I do).

Official tasting notes for Four Roses Small Batch Select include raspberries, clove and nutmeg on the nose. The distillery reports it opens into flavors of apricot, ripe berries, vanilla and light oak as it hits the palate, and has a lingering finish with notes of spearmint and a touch of cinnamon.

I’m personally looking forward to giving Select a shot…or sip I should say.

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