First “Rare” Cigar Review

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El Titan De Bronze “Redemption” Sun Grown Corona

This cigar is offered up by Privada Cigar Club

If you don’t know about them, please check them out.

Before I start let me say Brian Privada (founder of Privada Cigar Club) sends you a tastefully written sheet outlining everything you need to know about the rare cigar. Where it came from, “The Story”, Tasting notes, pairing suggestions. All which are very well written. Love this touch!!

Construction: Sexy beige wrapper, some raised veins beautiful cigar overall. Mine had a slight tear on the foot, BUT this definitely occurred during shipment. My box looked stepped on. This did not hamper the overall experience.

Pre-Light/Cold draw: slight hay/mothballs like grandmas basement. This is not overpowering or a negative taste. Kind of brings back to when I was as young lad.

First third: Tons of creamy smoke output, getting a smooth wood, slight spice with a nice undertone of anise. The anise is very pleasing, because I find myself getting teased, wanting more…  Although I think more anise would overpower the overall flavor..

Second third: developing cedar/wood with some floral undertones. Can slightly pick up a citrine flavor coming through. Very neat.

Last third: Smooth white pepper with some wood overtones, mixed with a slight tap of cream every now and then. Retro-hale has a spicy quality. There is still a citrine undertone that I like, Wish I could explore it better but my beginners palette still needs to evolve.

*could not get proper room notes/nuances because I was smoking outside with a breeze :/

Overall, awesome experience! Was taken back at first by the mothball pre-light nuance, but it was welcoming. Not a chemically harsh mothball taste. Brian explains this as “licorice root” which is a better way to put it, to say the least. Curse my beginners palette. Thumbs up definitely. Cigars can be purchased after you receive your monthly box, but I could not find this exact cigar on the Privada website. So price point is “very good” seeing how I only spent 10 bucks on this rare beauty.

*this review/article was copied and slightly modified from my Instagram account @cigars.are.key 


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