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Facebook Group for UK cigar smokers

Something a little different for everyone on here. If you are a Cigar fan on Facebook and living in the uk, I would like to invite everyone to join this group, for laughs, comradery, and trades of cigars from all around the world. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2002325410056053/?ref=share 

Also I have created a new page recently that would benefit from a few members as it is brand spanking new!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/2683158168424471/?ref=share

Here I would like to invite everyone I don’t care what country, as long as it’s new world cigar related, fine spirits or craft beer related, I’m all in on this one! However there is no Cuban cigar talk allowed on this one, as personally I cannot stand Cuban cigars!! ?come along everyone, and bring all your friends! 

Oh and as soon as the weekend hits, I’m gonna be throwing up some pictures of some amazing sticks on spiritedsmoke.com and these pages. I’m passionate about good cigars, good beer, and good company!! So there’s plenty more to come from me! See you soon guys!! ????

About the author: Jamie Eady
Cigar and fine spirit enthusiast.

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