El Titan De Bronze Grand Reserva – Spirited Smoke

El Titan De Bronze Grand Reserva

“Awesome end to a typical Monday”

El Titan De Bronze Grand Reserva

Construction: Deep brown wrapper thick raised veins, double cap. Beautiful double band.

Pre-Light/Cold-Draw: slight barnyard. licorice root on the cold draw.

First third: Smooth spice, cedar notes with a light cherry tap. Ever so smooth retrohale. Smoothest retro I’ve come across so far. Tons of creamy smoke output.

Second Third: Getting a decent cedar overtone, with slight black pepper on the finish. Still getting the slight cherry every now and again.

Last Third: Cedar is turning up a bit, along with an almost peachy zest. It’s not as if your biting into the peach, just smelling it as you walk by the produce section. Pepper is basically gone. Nice even burn all the way through.

Although this cigar was a mild one, it was very relaxing. I could feel the tobacco coursing through my veins. Enveloping me like a morning fog. Definite shamanic quality to this blend. Contemplating  buying a box of these. Glad to see these for sale at a reasonable price. Awesome end to a  typical Monday.

About the author: Adam Eccleston

Beginner cigar head who likes to write reviews and such.
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