El Artista Pulita 60 Aniversario – Spirited Smoke

El Artista Pulita 60 Aniversario

  Non-distinct wood, nuts, pepper spice, sweet tobacco and baking spices start this Anniversary stick off.  About an inch in and the sweetness becomes more of a brown sugar, but the natural tobacco also sticks around.  The wood sort of reminds me of birch bark.  Cinnamon and nutmeg join the baking spices too.  

  2nd third drops  most of the pepper tingle until the midpoint.  The spice builds through the rest of the third and gains a bit of almost a jalapeño flavor and heat.  Sweet and spicy, a nice combo.  

  The final third also shifts the wood to a cedar.  Cinnamon and nutmeg pick up on the finish.  Really delicious medium to medium full bodied cigar.  Getting close to full strength near the end.  

  The cigar burned near perfect until the last inch and a half where it started tunneling.  Still a very worthy smoke.

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