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swamprat Privada

Why Privada rocks!

From a post a few months ago, but what I said then, still stands…….

Privada Cigar Club, is just awesome.
What drew me in, was the rare, and or aged sticks.
I love the fact that IM getting those type sticks, especially the aged ones.
Something about the fact that, that certain stick was made, and aged,
and the history behind it, and at last,
that piece of Cigar history is setting in My humidor,
waiting on me, and not me waiting on it.
It’s just a first kind of cool! It’s all about the experience.
The founder, Brian Desind, is a character on his own.
He pays attention to members, and is a dude I would be proud to sit down with over a nice Cigar,
he’s that cool. For me, this is THE cigar club, and I hope to stay in for a long time to come.
OH, and for the sticks, so far very good. Shipped nice with a boveda pack.
What else could you ask for.

John L Gulledge

Pensacola FL USA!