Blog 9: AJ Fernandez New World Maduro Robusto Box Press – Spirited Smoke

Blog 9: AJ Fernandez New World Maduro Robusto Box Press

So….I Decided to square up and get a box pressed cigar (ha ha). Boy am I glad I did. Apologies for the time between Blog 8 and Blong 9…all I can say is, you know how it goes…. you say I’ll get to it I’ll get to it, a day turns into a week turns in to a month, yadda yadda.

At any rate, this cigar was chosen as cigar of the year by Cigar Journal in 2013. And it lives up to the hype. This one has Nicaraguan long fillers from Ometepe, Condega, and Esteli, bound it with leaves from Jalapa, and topped it off with a Nicaraguan wrapper. And a box press so it doesn’t roll off the table lol

I found the beginning third to be a good spice tickle to the nose,  the overused black pepper description, but almost like it was dipped in subtle candy. Hints of cinnamon and cocoa. Manure smell  and rich tobacco taste on the cold draw and added to the first third. Just a lot going on which I like.

The second third the spice died down, practically disappeared and was left with just a solid consistent smooth smoke. I was expecting the strength the rev up, but it never did. It actually rived down for me to a solid medium from a beginning of medium plus.

The last third I took a big retro hale and once again those cinnamon and cocoa flavors really stood out for me.

It was smoking all the way thru, smoke output terrific, never went out, never had to touch it up, burn line good, just wow.

So…..Superdan uses a 0-5 star rating: 5 stars being best of the best, 1 star worst of the worse: Construction: 4.9 stars. Amazing construction with this cigar. Never touched it up, never went out, smoke output true all the way thru, no unraveling, got a good 75 minutes out of a robusto to boot…. draw excellent (as I find most box presses).

Taste: 4.3 stars. Great flavor transitions. You will detect a lot of stuff going on with this cigar. I suggest pairing it up with a brandy or cognac. It does leave a bit of a covering in the mouth that one would do well to cleanse once in a while when smoking.

Price: 4.6 stars. Found $7.40 in general for this stick. Of course, prices will vary. But an excellent price imo for this one. It will beat up on some $15-$20 cigars all day long.

Overall: 4.5 stars. Excellent. This could be my cigar of the year and the year is just starting. Good stuff.

Anyway, thanks for reading if you read this far already. I plan to do at least 12 cigar reviews for this year minimum, which is once a month. Thanks and light ‘er up!


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