Blog 8: Aladino Connecticut Robusto 5X50 – Spirited Smoke

Blog 8: Aladino Connecticut Robusto 5X50

So once again not your typical Grandfather Connecticut. Was able to get this one from the Cigar Authority Care Package.

Ecuadorian Shade Grown wrapper, Honduran Binder, Honduran Fillers.

But the word of the day is: Corojo. That Corojo leaf puts such a nice spice on it. Not the typical suped-up Connecticut…but something special…. with Sourdough, Hay, Crackers type notes…some vanilla and light cream to boot. About a 45 minute smoke which Superdan loves because it’s not too long nor too short. Especially when doing lawn work.

So…on the Superdan 1-5 scale. 1 being worst of the worst and 5 being best of the best

Construction: 4.2 Ash held in chunks, burn line superb, draw medium, smoke output great. If it didn’t need a little help with a relight mid-stream, could of gotten the highest Superdan score to date with construction

Price: 3.9 Found about $8 a stick. Appropriately priced for such a superb connecticut, but $7 would be a 4.0…$5-6 would be a 4.1 or 4.2…$4 would be a 5.0!

Taste: 4.0 I am really starting to dig these “spiced” up or amped-up Connecticuts. Give it interesting flavors sort of like putting the right salsa on eggs. I may have to rethink myself as a “maduro” smoker.

Overall: 4.0 Excellent cigar. I suggest trying one of these, even for those who don’t consider themselves “Connecticut” smokers. This one might surprise yah.

Cheers, Daniel aka Superdan

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