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Blog 7: Sinistro Honor Among Thieves Corona Gorda

*Side Note: So I did a blog 7 already a few days ago, it was the wise man lancero PCC (Privada Cigar Club). Unfortunately the blog disappeared when I sent it, along with the notes. I do remember a funky cheese smell on the cold draw, a spice, black pepper, and xing with full body strength. Overpowered me at the end. But since I don’t have the notes, I can’t give it a proper review. So all I can say is if you like these things, grab one! So we will call this Sinistro blog 7 and if the wise man lancero resurfaces, we will just bump it up.*

On to the Sinistro Honor among thieves…. Also received from the PCC…write up says it consists of a Brazilian Cubra  maduro wrapper, binder not disclosed (likely Mexican San Andres)?, filler of Nicaraguan ligero, piloto ligero, and corojo ligero, Dominican ligero and Pennsylvania broadleaf….what a mouthful!

This is what I experienced…a musty cold type smell pre-light, initial third light up of black pepper and spices, heavy leather. Mellows out in the second third. I kept thinking of a  word…a word…what’s the damn word… that keeps jumping to mind smoking this cigar and it doesn’t come to me till the last third…BEEF JERKY!

This cigar makes me think of beef jerky. I did write down charcoal but it wasn’t the right word, definitely jerky…I guess one could say black coffee too, I may have those two tastes mixed up. To me, same ballpark different bases.

So…on the Superdan 1-5 star rating…1 being worst of the worst…5 being best of the best…

Construction: 4.0 Solid burn line, normal smoke output, draw snug but not too snug, wrapper maintained throughout. Had to help out the light once or twice mid stream but never quite went out.

Taste: 3.8 Well….if you don’t like beef jerky nor black coffee nor leather, not sure if the taste if for you. But I do like a stick that clears the sinuses and that’s what it does.

Price: 4.0 I believe I found around $6.50. Someone can correct me if that is not right, the prices will vary anyway depending on taxes, locations, mark up, etc. But definitely a reasonable price for this stick in my humble opinion.

Overall: 3.8 I wouldn’t say this stick is for the beginner smoker, it almost knocked me out in the first third with the spice and pepper, but it did mellow after the first third. I will say it was decidedly an enjoyable stick for those who don’t mind that taste profile of jerky or black coffee and leather and a bit of strength. Try one if you like…if for anything, it’s a great name…Honor Among Thieves (no such thing).


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