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Blog 6: Drew Estate’s Isla Del Sol Maduro Gran Corona

Sumatran Mandheling Bean infused, cocoa, spice, coffee, Sweetened tip,  in Nicaraguan binders, fillers, wrappers. Enough said?

Surely more to be said. I did make a review video of this one sometime last year, I think Nov. ’18. Regardless, it’s exactly as I remembered. Took all the components of the Sumatra “sun-blessed” wrapper Isla Del Sol and wrapped it up in a sweet maduro wrapper. The result? Sort of the Starbucks French Roast version of the Isla Del Sol? That burnt coffee taste (not in a bad way) overloaded with syrup, cream and sugar (may be a hit or miss with people) type deal going on.

Mild to low medium strength throughout, it’s safe for all smokers. Could also be likely a “gateway” cigar for new smokers, as well as seasoned smokers who, like me, want to deviate once in a while to a coffee “desert” stick.

On the Superdan 1-5 scale, 1 being the worst of the worst, 5 being the best of the best…

Construction: 4.0 Always a great draw on a Drew Estate’s cigar with rare exceptions, great smoke output, solid burn line. Problems with construction usually on the users end, this one was nice all around.

Taste: 3.9 For me, I like coffee, preferably with cream, this fits the bill. However, French Roast, “burnt” coffee not my favorite, even if not unpleasant in this cigar.  To me the “light roast” Isla Del Sol a little more desirable, that’s a personal preference, but still a delicious smoke even if I’m NITPICKING…which I am.

Price: 4.1 How can one beat the price of $4-5 a stick when I’d say it’s better than the Java stick which is double the price. So, Can’t beat the price.

Overall: 4.0 It’s not going to be for everyone. Some seasoned smokers won’t go there and that’s too bad, for I find variety is the spice of life. I look at it this way, a “Desert (infused)” cigar is a nice way to add to your “Dinner (non-infused)” cigar. One can enjoy both Dinner and Desert…nothing wrong with that my friends! Cheers!

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