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Blog 4: Davidoff Escurio Corona Gorda

What a treat!

I was not expecting such a yummy complex experience with tastes right up Superdan’s alley: cinnamon, cocoa, leather, nutmeg, some mint. Flavor changes. Almost minty toward the last third. No bitterness whatsoever. I can’t remember the last time I had a Davidoff. Perhaps it’s the $16 approximately price tag, but I can understand why the price, can’t understand why I don’t smoke them more often.

Made in Dominican Republic, has a Ecuador Habano wrapper, Brazilian cubra binger, and Brazilian Cubra, Brazilian mata fina, Domincan San Vicente, piloto, and olor/piloto secos long fillers. In other words, Yowza!!!

I grabbed this stick out of the humidor before going outside to once again water my plants in the hot desert sun (Las Vegas). Takes about 40-60 minutes which is perfect to smoke one as long as the weather co-operates. Lighting it up, right away I taste strong hints of cinnamon and cocoa, with leather and nutmeg background (cocoa and nutmeg tastes same thing? I don’t know, it’s what comes to mind). Medium strength all the way thru. These flavors kept transitioning in and out with some puffs of chocolate mint type tastes which made my eyebrows go up in amazement.

Safe for nearly all smokers in my opinion except total newbies.

I am not sure what else to say in regards to taste. Delicious. Can still smell nutmeg and cocoa on my beard as I do this write up.

So…on the Superdan 1-5 scale, 1 being worst of the worst, 5 being best of the best…

Taste: 4.4 If you like maduro sweetness, cocoa, cinnamon, this is the one for you. Only reason it doesn’t get 4.5 or higher is it got hot towards the end, which could be my fault because I was smoking a bit fast towards the end because it was so dang good!

Construction: 3.8 Burn line got funky in certain portions of the smoke, had to touch up. Wrapper held on nicely. No major construction issues to speak of. Needed a little pick me up light a bit after the mid-point.

Price: 3.8 No doubt this is not a budget cigar…but one would not be disappointed thinking they wasted the $16 dollars or so for this stick. I personally would like it to be lower, but I understand the reality which is: a delicious, quality cigar…your going to pay to play.

Overall: 4.15 Terrific cigar. If your willing to pay for it, grab this stick. You won’t be disappointed!


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@peepso_user_1(Brian Desind) Thanks Brian. Starting to get hooked on spiritedsmoke. It's like a breath of fresh air (pun intended) for us cigar reviews/smokers who are in the fight of our cigar rights lives (and losing...likely due to numbers) on youtube, facebook, twitter, google, you name it. I'm gently encouraging all the cigar reviewers I watch and know on youtube to join up, Stogie Palace, LeeMack912, and less known ones to come aboard the train. Build it and they will come, right? Cheers!
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