Blog #3: Room 101 Micro Batch Torpedo 2017 (exclusive) aged 2 years – Spirited Smoke

Blog #3: Room 101 Micro Batch Torpedo 2017 (exclusive) aged 2 years

The expectation…and the experience

This cigar is from the PCC package (Privada Cigar Club) and I couldn’t wait to have a go at it. The thing about write-up’s and reviews is that it is that one individuals experience, and everyone is different, everyone varies, with various tastes, palates, and preferences. So the write-up and review gives one a certain expectation, and there is the experience.

There is not detail on the wrapper, binder, and filler specifically, but the write-up does mention a Dominican Republic Factory, which gives me a certain expectation of a Dominican Republic cigar…not too spicy, not too strong, somewhere in the medium. That proved to be about where this was.

Having said that, I had three different experiences from the cigar which I guess is a cool experience in itself…

The first third was exactly what the doctor ordered, a delicious blend of dried fruit/apricot, cedar, creaminess, and a bit of wood. Only detected the slightest hint of white pepper if any.

The second third the wood and cedar became more pronounced and the dried fruit went away. Very Connecticut taste, but not a great one. For Superdan, not the greatest direction for my wheelhouse is more of coffee, vanilla, liqourice, madero sweet type tastes…but always exceptions.

The third third, the cigar went bitter. That, with the wood and cedar, I put the cigar down…and down it stayed.

So, on the Superdan 1-5 scale…1 being worst of the worst….5 being the best of the best…

Contruction: 4.1 I expect great construction from a torpedo. Only one touch up to speak of…wrapper, burn line, on point and burned throughout.

Price: ?? From the PCC, so not sure the exact price if there is one. But being a member, I’m sure we received a terrific price, so an unofficial 4.0 on price

Taste: First third, 4.1…fantastic blend of dried fruit, cedar, creaminess, vanilla. Second third…3.5 straight up Grandpa’s Connecticut, Last third…2.5 not smoke-able for Superdan. So we will give it an average of 3.5 for the taste.

Overall: 3.6 Would be much higher if not for the last third experience. Would I smoke it again? Oh Yes! Why? These are hand made products, no two are exactly the same, and the next experience could be a 4.0 or greater.


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