Blog #2: Java Latte Toro 6X50 – Spirited Smoke

Blog #2: Java Latte Toro 6X50

So I am a coffee guy, preferably with cream, sometimes with sugar. So this cigar should be right up my alley, yes???

About a $10 stick, Nicaraguan long fillers and binder, smooth medium body (I thought it mild), creamy Connecticut wrapper. So…why was I not that impressed? Well, I try as many ‘coffee infused’ cigars as I can and will say for the best I’ve tried so far… it’s a close tie with  at the top with Drew Estate’s Tabak Especial and Isla Del Sol with….Isla Del Sol winning by a nose.

This one, the Java Connecticut Toro…a distant third. Why? I tasted only what I could describe as a soapy taste, sort of like Dove. It was decidedly a downer. Not overpowering, but it was there. Yes, it was creamy, yes, it tasted somewhat like a creamy coffee but in a cup that one forgot to wash the soap out of it. It had no strength to speak of, and no spice nor kick nor pow. Not that I expected that in this cigar, but there is some or at least enough in the Isla Del Sol and Tabak that makes it a more interesting smoking experience.

Would I smoke one again? Of course! Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t an awful experience, but a disappointing one when compared to the aforementioned cigars which are, by the way, less in price as well. Isla Del Sol Robusto around $4-5 a stick, Tabak around a $5-7 a stick.

So, in the Superdan 1-5 Star Rating…1 being worst of the worst, 5 being best of the best.

Construction: 3.9 I did have to relight 3/4ths of the way but was an easy fix. Still had to relight. Burn was razor sharp and wrapper held up nicely.

Taste: 3.7 Soapy taste is just not in my wheelhouse, fortunately saved from being awful by being minute and overshadowed by the creaminess and coffee hints of the cigar

Price: 3.3 $10 a stick? Too high in Superdan’s opinion in relation to the other coffee infused sticks that Drew Estate’s has to offer in my humble opinion…should be lower like a tabak or Isla Del Sol.

Overall: 3.6 A coffee infused smoke that as long as expectations are low, or one who hasn’t smoked the others, will be passable…maybe even good. But for those who have smoked around the coffee infused world, may be a disappointed along with the sticker price. But still a smoke-able cigar to be sure.


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