Blog 13: 7X70 Asylum The Ogre Grande Dual Wrapper Cigar – Spirited Smoke

Blog 13: 7X70 Asylum The Ogre Grande Dual Wrapper Cigar

Hi and happy to be back with another blog. I waited to light up this behemoth of a cigar until I got the call I am no longer on furlough and back to work. I got that call Oct. 1st. So, here we are.

This is all Nicaragua but with a Habano wrapper. I didn’t think this was full flavor, even full taste. If I had to make a guess, 2 body, 2 strength, 2 flavor.

Never more than medium strength for me, but a consistent (and long) smoke. After almost 2 hours, called it a day and put it out. Easily had about another hour of smoking. So for value, it has it all day. A $9-10 dollar smoke that’s the equivalent of 2-3 cigars.

Superdan uses a 0-5 star rating: 5 stars being best of the best, 1 star worst of the worse: Construction: 2.9, Taste: 3.2 stars, Price: 4.5 stars, Overall: 3.75 stars….strength low medium, some Carmel charcoal notes, smooth smoke.

Would I smoke this again? Of course. But I better have some time to do it. 2.5-3 hours worth.

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