Blog 12: Jose Dominguez Maduro 7.5 X 50 – Spirited Smoke

Blog 12: Jose Dominguez Maduro 7.5 X 50

So I’m not familiar with Jose Dominguez, this being the first cigar I’ve smoked from JD. The wrapper, binder, and filler are all from the Dominican Republic. Fortunately, it was a pleasant experience. Not a home run I would say, but likely a double.

On the pre-light smell, it’s minty with dark tobacco.

In the first third, strong leather and wood flavors. Some hints of cocoa, but very faint.

In the second third, the tastes die down some and maduro tobacco kind of takes over.

In the last third, pretty much straight maduro tobacco.

Some say this cigar is strong, I didn’t get that. Was medium beginning to end for me.

So, on the Superdan 1-5 scale, 1 being worst of the worst, 5 being best of the best:

Price: Can find this sizeable stick for less than $4 in a box. Terrific price point. Get alot of smoking time out of it to boot. 4.8 stars

Taste: I’m not a huge leather/wood fan, but don’t dislike it either. Cocoa notes were very nice but kind of faded out after the 1st third. Always tasted pleasant, didn’t get bitter or mineral tasting. 3.7 stars

Construction: Burn line straight, no unraveling, nice draw not tight not loose, smoke output normal. Good construction: 3.9 stars

Overall: I think this cigar is safe for nearly all smokers, medium strength, lot’s of flavors in the outset followed by an average smoke the rest of the way. I’d smoke it again and recommend it for those looking for a quality budgeted stick and a maduro cigar that won’t leave you spinning. 4.0 stars

Thanks and stay well out there. Smoke em if you got em.

Daniel aka Superdan

P.S. A congrats to Privada Cigar Club for hitting their quota number of subscribers. Very glad I was able to get in when I did. Will be always thankful to LeeMack for his recommendation to the club. I enjoy the variety, the boutique nature, and the camaraderie that PCC provides. Not to mention, awesome cigars.



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