Blog 11: Davidoff/Zino BACK2BACK 6X60 – Spirited Smoke

Blog 11: Davidoff/Zino BACK2BACK 6X60

Not to be confused with the latest PCC package. It’s not the 7X52 torpedo, it’s a different cigar in the portfolio: the  sizeable 6X60-Nicaraguan. Connecticut shade wrapper with Nicaraguan binders and fillers.

At first glance I thought this cigar resorted to “gimmicky” tricks to make up for a mediocre cigar… like the visually stunning foot wrapper. However, this cigar lives up the hype! Smooth smoke with creamy smooth finish. With hints of coffee and spices (right up Superdan’s alley), I was in my happy place smoking this cigar. Saving up to buy a box as I write this review.

Medium to medium plus on the strength, I think it’s safe to nearly all cigar smokers. And, it’s around $8 dollars. Beats a lot of cigars that are double the price all day long, in my opinion.

So….on the Superdan 1-5 star scale…1 being worst of the worst, 5 being best of the best…

Construction: 4.2 Easy draw (due to expansive ring gauge more than likely), good burn line, no unraveling, very nice construction

Taste: 4.6 Oh yes, taste so good you’ll almost think it’s an infused cigar…but it’s all natural. Great for us coffee and spice junkies!

Price: 4.6 $8 dollars? Yah, I know… price is dependent. But I looked up a few online shops and they offer this delicious stick at $8. It’s a bargain…should be $12 plus.

Overall: 4.6 Out of all the cigars so far I have blogged on spirited smoke, this one makes it to the top thus far. Beating out another eye opener, the AJ Fernandez New World Maduro Robusto Box Press.

So…don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. The UR NY or Mike Baca and Fernando Romero are on to something. After smoking this one, I hope more graffiti artists join the cigar world. Nice job guys!



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