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Blog 10: Montenegro Red Label Corona Aged 4.5 years

A thank you to the Privada Cigar Club for providing said cigar.

We all have different tastes and preferences. There will be cigars that we love and may become our “go to” cigar. Others are a one and done and never again.
For the Montenegro Red Label Corona, I’d try it again, but did not have a great experience. Unspecified Nicaraguan tabacco and ‘organic’, I found the taste charcoal smoke with occasional notes of liquorice and cinnamon. The liquorice and cinnamon tastes were rare enough to not make up for that smoke. No pepper notes to speak of. Low medium body and strength, neither went up.
Saying the draw is firm is a nice way of saying, it was tough… like sucking a golf ball thru a hose, and touched up the burn line a few times.
However, it was one cigar. I would try this again to see if this was just an anomaly.
I never thought it was terrible or un-smokeable…just very underwhelming.
On the 5 star Superdan scale, 5 being best of the best, 1 being worst of the worst…

I give it a 3.5 on construction: Draw was tough, burn line uneven

A 3 on taste: some notes of liquorice and cinnamon, no enough, mostly charcoal smoke

A 3.2 on price ($10 price) or  (2.8 for $20 price) giving it an all around score of 3.1.
Thanks for reading this, long live PCC and spirited smoke. Smoke em if you got em,
Daniel aka Superdan

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@peepso_user_4391(Mark Dingus)
I'll have to agree, and disagree. The flavor profile of the Montenegro Red Label was not exactly my cup of tea, it wasnt bad. Pretty dark and heavy flavors, however, the construction was flawless. Mine burned razor sharp from beginning to end, and the draw was perfect. Not wide open, but not restricted either. For my personal taste, I preferred the Montenegro White Label.
6 months ago 6 months ago