Blog #1: Brickhouse cigar “Mighty Mighty” 6.5 X 60 – Spirited Smoke

Blog #1: Brickhouse cigar “Mighty Mighty” 6.5 X 60


“This is not your typical Grandfather Connecticut”

What struck me first about this sizeable “brickhouse” cigar was connecticut…although the wrapper is a Havana Subido, Nicaraguan Puro.

My sprinkler line in the house is turned off so I have to hand water the plants in the front and in the back. Takes about an hour and a perfect time to light one up to pass the time enjoyably. This cigar fit the bill and then some. A great “lawnmower” type cigar.

I found it mild to low medium in strength, safe for all smokers. The tastes were smooth, cedar, hint of spice, wood, some light earth. Very connecticut type taste. I tend to gravitate to maduro sweeter cigars, but found this one to be quite enjoyable. I did not detect much in the way of flavor transitions and paired it with some brandy which I thought was a nice pick me up with the cigar. Coffee would likely be a nice addition to it as well.

On the Superdan 1-5 star scale, 1 being worst of the worst, and 5 being best of the best. Construction: 3.9. Burn line wanky, had to touch it up, but never had to relight. Taste: 3.8….no flavor transitions, but a smooth pleasant tasting wood cedar slight pepper creamy taste. Price: 4…saw this cigar around $7 a stick. Very appropriate price. Overall: 3.9.


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