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Blackbird Cigar Company “The Rook”

Blackbird Cigar Company Rook Robusto 5 X 50 New Release from one of the premiere cigar companies out there founded by Jonás Santana.  What is unique is every blend is named after a specific bird, this is the first of 6 blends released and is is named after a member of the crow family. 

This cigar features a Sumatra wrapper, Habano Binder, and Dominican and Nicaraguan filler…perfect draw with thick smoke output…medium bodied…notes of black pepper, earl grey tea, leather, citrus, almond, bread notes, with a creamy finish and a very enjoyable retrohale.  This cigar surely lives up to Blackbird’s motto, “Can’t Clip My Wingz.”

About the author: Nikki Doré
Hey Y’all, my name is Nikki. Southern California girl turned Southern belle living in Savannah, GA. Avid motorcyclist, freelance model and journalist passionately exploring the finer things in life, cigars, spirits and all that it has to offer. The cigar world is an exciting amalgamation of new tastes, flavors, and intriguing people in which I have fully immersed myself on my continuing journey and as I like to say, "Do it with passion or don't do it at all."

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@peepso_user_17(Oasis Handy)
Awesomeness ,, ????
@peepso_user_29(Nikki Doré)
@peepso_user_17(Oasis Handy) thank you!
1 year ago 1 year ago
@peepso_user_6(Ofelia Desind)
Love the review. And I agree. They make some great blends.
@peepso_user_29(Nikki Doré)
@peepso_user_6(Ofelia Desind) thank you, I’m looking forward to trying the other blends!
1 year ago 1 year ago
@peepso_user_966(Dale McMahon)
I have not seen them before but will look for them online! I’m a bird fan!