Black Works Studio Sindustry – Spirited Smoke

Black Works Studio Sindustry

Had the Privada exclusive Sindustry today and took some notes.  Straight cut, cold draw is fairly snug, but workable.  Starts with a chocolate milk/coffee mix.  Sweet tobacco, cedar and a black pepper join in just a few draws.  Also getting toast that reminds me of a rye bread.  At about a half inch in, the chocolate is replaced by an earthiness, though the milk flavor stays put and turns more to a cream.  Approaching the 2nd third I start to get some almond.  A bit of brown sugar brings some sweetness back.  Also getting some leather mixing with the rye toast, and a crushed red pepper in the background.  Final third changes the rye toast into a pastry flavor that I can’t put my finger on.  The cedar and leather definitely pull forward a bit, as does the crushed red pepper and black pepper spice.  The spice stays mainly on the draw and retrohale at this point.  As I get closer to the nub, the spice sticks to the finish.  Really interesting cigar, medium to medium full depending on where you are in the cigar, medium strength.  The flavors stay dark, but good.  The burn was pretty perfect, with no touch ups necessary.  Though the draw was snug, I got plenty of smoke. Glad I finally got a chance to try this blend.  Big thanks to Black Label Trading Company for hooking up Privada Cigar Club!

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