Barrel Burners

I haven’t been smoking cigars for a long time. Enough time to know quite a bit about cigars, but for quite awhile, I smoked the same cigars from the same brands, over and over. Then one day, I heard about Privada Cigar Club and figured I would check it out. Though it may be a good way to try some new cigars that I didn’t really know much about. I am so glad I did. It has changed everything for me in regards to cigars and made me realize how much I enjoy getting to know others in the cigar world, because in my opinion, my BOTL and SOTL are some of the most generous and excepting people I’ve ever met.

In February, Brian from Privada recommended to us members that we should look into the Barrel Burners and I can’t thank him enough for the recommendation. The Barrel Burners are a club, but more like a family. A big group of brothers and sisters that provide knowledge, camaraderie, and endless laughs!

They use an app that has multiple rooms that you can use to chat with other members and prospects about a wide range of topics. Cigars, alcohol, food, sports, or they just have a lounge where you can shoot the shit and catch up with your new friends. I have even made a new friend, that lives near me, that I meet up with most weekends to enjoy a cigar!

If this is something that sounds like fun to you, then go check them out on IG and send them an email for an invite to check out the app and see if it is something you would enjoy.

About the author: Corey Davis
I love cigars and golf! I'm a proud member of Privada Cigar Club and the Barrel Burners! If you have any questions or want to join the Barrel Burners, shoot me a message on here or IG at coreydavis555!

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