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Always on my day off

Just got served a subpoena to give a deposition and of course it’s right before my one day off which ticks me off. It’s about a situation 3 years ago in which my wife was driving and a dude without his lights on at 4am was speeding and we ALMOST collided. But we didn’t. The other driver spoke very little English ( no her wasn’t Hispanic either) and he got it of the car to yell at us . Said we were going to jail .I having had a claims adjuster license before knew since we don’t hit him or anything on the road and neither did he this was not an issue. But he wanted police so I called them. I asked him if he was ok and he said he wasn’t. I asked him about injuries he just laughed and said I broke his heart. The police didn’t want to come until he changed his position and said he hit his head. The dispatch on the line for so mad at him she hung up on him. So we waited as they carted him away in an ambulance ( my tax dollars at work) . The police would not even file a report for us because there was no accident. He told them we dented his car and pointed to a dent that was BONDED OVER AND REPAINTED ALREADY.. This is what it’s come to. Dude driving at 5am in a bathrobe trying to cash in on tell hard working people going to work. I’ll end my rant but man that pisses me off.

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