24 Yr old H. Upman – Spirited Smoke

24 Yr old H. Upman

I received this cigar from a guy I met at Cigarfest 2019, who sent me a bunch of cool stuff I had never heard of. Philip, Bob and Sarah – all really cool cats.

I know this wasn’t Privada, but I figured because of the age, everyone here could appreciate this. I smoked this two days ago.

The cigar is quite beautiful; reminiscent of a time past. Gorgeous Colorado wrapper that has a slight oily sheen, and is nearly seamless.

The cold draw presents a very exclusive flavor. It is the flavor of an aroma that I have only smelled in tobacco shops that are 50 years or older (there are a number of them back east). I’m a little worried at first that the cigar may have lost its flavor, however when I light it up it is extremely smooth, yet has lots of flavor. A mild cigar for sure not even medium by any stretch.

The draw is a little tight, but I seem to be getting enough smoke through it. The prominent flavor is Cedar – very old Cedar, with a very mild white pepper right behind it. The retrohale is so smooth, I barely noticed it going through my nose.

One inch in, I’m getting flavors of light roast coffee and molasses. Burn is off but the ash is holding superbly, and I am really surprised by the kinds of flavors that I’m getting.

At two inches in it’s starting to get a little bit sour. The draw is more of an issue now than it was initially, but there’s are still some really good flavors – good white pepper, and still a little bit of molasses. I think the sour notes are the Aged Cedar; this thing must have sat in a tobacco shop for a very long time. The flavors remind me tons of some very old tobacco shops I’ve been in in Pennsylvania.

Last 1/3 – I’m being careful not to work the cigar too hard, because it feels like it could start getting bitter. However the slavers are really interesting nice and still lots of white pepper behind that aged Cedar; molasses is still there but it’s an undertone and for just a moment, I got just a hint of Tabasco sauce.
The retrohale is still very very smooth. The cigar has now developed a little bit of bitter orange zest. Not so much orange, but more of the Rind part.

Overall, the cigar was not terribly complex meaning there were no great transitions. It kind of kept the same flavors throughout but each of those flavors was distinguishable, and very noticeable. I’m glad I didn’t refuse this via video. It was nice to just sit back and enjoy it, and focus on the flavors, especially for something that I likely would not have chosen for myself.

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